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No ideas

2009-05-03 23:48:21 by demonicfiendchild

Any one have any ideas for an animation? seeing as all my stuff is crap

No ideas

cos its gay

thats pretty much it


2009-02-18 09:26:57 by demonicfiendchild

Just to piss off all the 14 year olds who cant face the fact that runescape is a waste of time and money (for those stupid enough to pay for a free game) i have decided to make a lolscape 2 for all those people who want to tell you to go die which you probably will anyway from sitting up all night drinking redbull so you can keep up with the amazingly fast paced game to make sure you dont get ganked while cutting wood or tying a rock to your dick to hit cows with.

More Cock jokes to Cum

2009-02-18 06:09:21 by demonicfiendchild

Next animations will have a lot more cockjokes im them because im too unoriginal to come up with anything slightly funny myself, retarded and offensive i can do but not funny